Inside the Atelier

That Perfect Dress is powered by a team of highly skilled women. Working from the atelier in London, the TPD team have a combined 300 years of luxury, high quality crafting experience.

At TPD we’re motivated by the love of collaborating with clients to design and create bespoke pieces, that celebrate each unique woman and will be treasured forever.

We’re extremely proud to offer this one of a kind service to fashion lovers everywhere. We’re on a mission to make luxury, high-end fashion more inclusive. Each piece is made with love, by hand in our London atelier. We want all of our customers to have a joyful experience with us. It’s important that our customers feel a connection to the atelier team; That’s why we’re on hand throughout the design and making process to answer questions and give input if needed.

Every step of the dressmaking process is environmentally cautious and economically sustainable. Our made-to-order model reduces our impact on the environment with ethical production methods that generate less waste.

  • No Mass Production Your garment is made to order just for you, limiting the waste from fabrics that are left over from large orders

  • No Storage The finished products are delivered straight to you, eliminating the need to be stored in an air-conditioned warehouse

  • No Excess We do not carry stock, which means there are no surplus items each season to be cleared or thrown away

We hope you have a wonderful experience with us and create That Perfect Dress that you’ve always dreamed of!


Nailya Belkacemi

That Perfect Dress Founder

Our Founder Nailya has worked in the luxury end of the fashion industry for 25 years. Her and her team have hand crafted beautiful pieces for most of the top UK luxury brands.

Although she’s loved working in luxury, she couldn’t help but notice that a lot of body shapes and ages weren’t catered for. On a mission to make luxury fashion more inclusive, Nailya set about creating That Perfect Dress.

‘Fashion should empower women. I hope our clients walk away from the TPD experience feeling their best, feeling strong, beautiful and with the dress of their dreams of course!’

  • Daria

    Studio Manager


    Studio Manager
    Hi, I’m Daria as the manager of That Perfect Dress’s studio I have the task of overseeing the design, production, and shipment of your custom gown. I’m lucky to work so closely with our incredible staff and look forward to working with you in creating your perfect dress.
  • Ilona

    Senior Garment Cutter


    Senior Garment Cutter
    Hi, I’m Ilona and I’m a senior garment cutter here at That Perfect Dress. I’ve always had a love for creating and cutting garments. Now I have more than 30 years of experience as a garment cutter and continue to develop my skills every day!
  • Leonara



    Hi I’m Lilia and I have been working as a professional machinist for over 35 years. Here at That Perfect Dress I have the opportunity to use my skills to make beautiful gowns. I’m so proud to work here and be making your custom garment!
  • Lina



    Hi I’m Lina and I am from Lithuania. I originally trained to be a chef but found my true calling was sewing. Now 25 years later, here I am working as a machinist at That Perfect Dress where I have the privilege of making your clothes!
  • Natasha

    Sample Machinist


    Sample Machinist
    Hi, I’m Natasha, I have been a machinist for 20 years. I’m originally from Latvia and now live in London with my husband and daughter. At That Perfect Dress, I have the opportunity to work with people I love and do what I love.
  • Oksana

    Garment Cutter


    Garment Cutter
    Hi, I’m Oksana, in addition to being a mum to two wonderful kids I’m a garment cutter at That Perfect Dress. I’m so lucky to work with such wonderful people making such wonderful garments.
  • Svetlana



    Hi, my name is Svetlana! I’m originally from Latvia and I have been working as a machinist for 24 years. I absolutely love having the chance to create something beautiful each day and I look forward to making your perfect dress!
  • Tanya

    Head of Quality Control and Garment Finishing


    Head of Quality Control and Garment Finishing
    Hi, I’m Tanya and I am a proud mum of three. I work at That Perfect Dress ensuring that your custom gown is positively perfect.



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